Galaxy Moron
Greetings earthlings, I am what you earthnatives call alien! Save the world, it's the only planet with chocolate!
1. February 2012

I only think about you when I breathe. I lay in bed, sometimes I feel you, smell you, knowing that you want to be here right next to me.

The truth is, I don’t want to be away from you cuz it hurts.

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22. January 2012

It’s the first day & I need to find a reason to talk to you. Why is it that I feel my hearts desire burning on my tongue, spotted by my mutant eyes.

It’s been a few days and I now know your name. I think about your face all the time but it’s like there’s a force keeping me away from you, wanting to communicate with you. Heart still burning.

Years go by and all is now falling into place and I see your face, your heart melting smile. I want you to want me just as much as I want you but not yet..

live life, grow..

It’s like we’ve been walking the same street for several years, always walking in a direction that makes us unable to see each other.

Time has it’s own plan set and our moment will be perfectly timed! Everything falls to place. Me in your arms included.

With you I see forever

A last heartbeat dedicated to you.

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15. January 2012

Single, I’m feeling brand new but with this new policy it’s goin to be hard for guys to catch me. Well no, but that’s what I like to think. See I don’t want to fall in love to fast even though I’d love to be in love with someone. Let’s say that I don’t want it if it’s going to fade anyway. Scared to be disappointed, scared to cry my nights away..

I want something that won’t fade, catch me if you can.

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14. January 2012

Friday the 13th, I can’t say that the day started well for me..

Broke up with my boyfriend… but i’m not really heartbroken, just upset. If I could compare it with the heartache I felt when I found out that my crush was in an actual relationship. I cried for days but this break up only gave me a moment of suffocation. Feeling numb but somehow relieved.


This was such a dysfunctional relationship, like walking with a broken toe not wanting to go to the doctor. So now that I’ve seen my doctor I’m good!

I know I’ll be fine!

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12. January 2012

Somewhere far away I’d like to think that you feel the same way about me. What we started was never finished, maybe interrupted by significant lessons of life, interrupted by destiny.

Building a friendship on this island of forgotten love with feelings in hidden treasures. I say we live our lives, reach our goals and become successful.

We will, one day, find a place & time to be together. 

So if things don’t work out, don’t forget me….

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17. October 2011

The heart speaks what the mind doesn’t observe. The eyes tell what the lips urge to hide.

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16. October 2011

My mind feels like a heartbeat, correction I can feel my heart pound in my head. Silence is overrated, I can hear nothing and everything. The clock in the living room is ticking louder than ever. I can hear my neighbor flush the toilet. At this time he or she always walks to the fridge to drink milk or juice straight out of the box. Countless thoughts rush through my mind with the speed of a pounding blood vain. Countless thoughts, I know it’s there but all I hear is silent noise. Am I crazy? Silence has an actual sound and it sounds like my voice. The voice in my head has no manners every thought gets interrupted by another one. I know for a damn fact that this shit can go on for hours… After 4:00

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